Torch Review 09.21.11

Primus- Green Naugahyde

Released earlier this month (and for free if you Facebook liked the Southpark page), Primus gave the world another great album to tune out the world to. Listening to the new album lets you realize that even though the songs are different, the formula is still the same: Les Claypool. Take the Claypool out of Primus and you wouldn’t have Primus. You can’t hear hardly anything else other than thumping base throughout this whole album, and it makes you want to turn the world off around you and just relax. The album is fantastic, but that only leads into another question: wasn’t there another critically acclaimed bassist that released a new album with his band this year?

Red Hot Chili Peppers- I’m With You

The Chili Peppers Released their 11th album in Aug. 2011 with the breakout hit “Rain Dance Maggie.” Bringing the same brand of reformed Chili Peppers that the album “Californication” brought about, “I’m With You” is led by the distinct vocals of Anthony Kiedis and their stand-out bassist, Flea. The album makes you want to dance until your shoes fall off and then dance through the floor. This wonderful addition to the Chili Peppers’ anthology will please the fans who like the newer sound of the Chili Peppers, but may upset some of the old ‘hard-core’ fans that still yearn for “Blood Sugar Sex Magik.”