Tickets now required

Changes to fall commencement ceremony

This year’s fall commencement ceremony will require tickets for admission.

According to Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President Sherry Hayes, this new requirement was put in place for the convenience of guests attending graduation.

“We want everyone to be able to sit down and enjoy the ceremony. Last December, we had standing room only in one of the ceremonies; therefore, we’ve decided we need to monitor it more closely,” Hayes said.

In order to manage the number of people attending the ceremony, each student graduating will receive six tickets for family members and friends. Additional tickets are not available through the department; however, students are encouraged to talk to fellow graduates.

“If a student wants more than the six tickets they are given, we are strongly encouraging them to talk with other students to see if anyone has extras,” Hayes said. “We are trying to work with the room we have.”

Although some students understand the reasoning for this new requirement, there are still others who are hesitant to agree completely with this idea.

Erica Curlee, a second year student in nursing school, feels the six tickets per student is going to be difficult for some.

“Graduating from a university is one of the greatest accomplishments someone can do. Obviously, when you’re walking across that stage getting your degree, you want your loved ones to be there to see it,” Curlee said. “Although I understand why this requirement was set in place, I think it is going to be harder for people with bigger families to work with.”

The tickets given for commencement are free of charge and can be picked up at the fall graduation fair taking place on Nov. 10. The fair will be located at the bookstore.

As well as tickets, there are a number of other things for graduates to pick up and experience at the fall grad fair, according to Coordinator of Career Services Angela Roman.

“It’s an opportunity for those graduating in December to come to one location to get what they need for graduation and beyond. It’s things like getting their cap and gown, looking at class rings, and ordering their announcements,” said Roman. “Also career services will be there, as well as people to critique resumes. We will have banks there and even car dealerships. It’s like a vender show for everything that a new grad would want.”

This specific grad fair is unique because Ferris does not usually offer one in the fall for those graduating in December. In previous years, those to graduate in the fall would have the option to attend the normally scheduled spring grad fair before their final semester of classes.

According to Brandi Behrenwald, assistant director for alumni relations, the need for a grad fair in the fall was in demand.

“The last two grad fairs that we’ve had in May, there has been record numbers over 800 people that have attended. So we know the need to is out there to provide a one stop shop, we are hoping to have at least 300 people come to this one,” Behrenwald said. “We try to get everything under one roof, one time, and make it easier to get in, get out, and get your questions answered.”