Torch Review 09.28.11

The Outer Vibe- Demo CD

The Outer Vibe is a band hailing from Grand Rapids that aims to make a room shake and shimmy. Their quasi-ska style mixed with a hint of punk-pop allows them to make just about anything a happy tune. They’ve played numerous venues in Michigan, and currently have two albums out. The demo CD sent to The Torch was full of well put together and talent-filled songs. The depth of the lyrics was lacking, but for the genre it is appropriate. Most of the guitar solos failed to impress me as anything complicated, but the horn solos were well accomplished and mixed well with the overall composition. After about five songs the lead vocalist began to sound a bit whiney and monotonous. More variety in vocal styling would have been appreciated. All around the CD sent to The Torch was impressive, and thoroughly enjoyable. If a party is starting to drag, put on The Outer Vibe and you’re sure to get it going again.

Tori Amos – Night of Hunters

Tori Amos is most famous for her unique way of blending classical music with a contemporary storyline. Written and composed around the idea of a woman searching for, and becoming one with herself, it is influenced by Celtic lore and various classical music artists such as Chopin, Satie, and Granados. This album is the perfect for the impending cool weather as it is the perfect compliment to a cup of coffee and a good book, sketch pad, or even homework. It puts the listener completely at ease, but when listened to on its own evokes a feeling of warm peacefulness, even in the cases where that is not what the lyrics imply. “Edge of the Moon” especially stands out as a wonderful love song that speaks just as well in poetry as it does in song. The only drawback to this album is that the story is so in-depth that it is almost pertinent to watch an interview or read an overview of the album’s story. However, even without this knowledge, the album is still fantastic.