To friend or not to friend?

FSU students sound off on how soon you can friend request someone

To friend request or not to friend request, that is the question.

We’ve had six weeks of classes, six weeks of events, six weeks of meeting new people. Is it too soon to Facebook them? In this day of technology, we walk a fine line between social networking and cyber stalking. If you friend request someone too soon, you come across as a creeper. On the other hand, you don’t want to wait too long and run the risk of seeming rude or snobby. So how soon is too soon?

Molly Vanderwest, undecided major, thinks it’s best to wait one day. “If you met them in class and you hit it off and you want to be friends with them, you should add them right away.”

Some students think a day is too short of a wait. “Wait a few days, you don’t want to seem…you don’t want to rush it,” said Brandon O’Rourke, undecided major.

Others say the rules change when it’s someone you’re interested in. Tyler Jackson, a general education student, has a system in place.

“The more information they give you [after meeting them], the sooner you can add them. If they tell you their full name, their birthday, and their childhood, you can add them that day; they’re obviously comfortable with you,” said Jackson.

“If they don’t tell you their last name and you get it from a class sign-in sheet, that’s creepy. Don’t add them.”

Jackson said there is a limit on how soon you can add someone though. “This girl I was talking to pulled out her cell phone in the middle of the conversation and friend requested me, then stared me down until I accepted. I had to add her while she was standing right there, but as soon as she was out of sight I blocked her. That was just weird.”

The rules also change when it comes to schoolwork. If you’re working on a group project with someone, the waiting period doesn’t exist.

“If it’s a project you need to talk about, it’s OK to add someone that day,” said Vanderwest.

Lab partners are a bit more iffy. On the one hand, it’s good to have a way to contact them if something comes up. On the other hand, if they reject your request, classes will be very awkward.

The rules are easier on sites like Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr. You don’t need a person’s permission to add them to your circle or follow them. Of course, it’s easier to come off as a creeper, but when you’re tweeting your every move, you shouldn’t be too surprised.

If you’re still wondering if it’s too soon to add that cutie you met the first day of class, take a deep breath and click the button. It’s been over a month, and you’ve waited long enough.