Torch Review 10.05.11

The Cheap Nothing –
The Politics of Existence

The Cheap Nothing is a five-piece band hailing from New York. Their promotion company sent two CDs: “Women’s Body Parts” and “The Politics of Existence.” The latter was chosen for review. The CD begins with the song “Class Warfare” which gave me a little jingle of joy as I expected the rest of the CD to be lyrically packed with politically-charged lyrics. While the songs were well written, I found the band’s cheap imitation of Radiohead to be a bit too slovenly for even my musical palate to handle. Every song was dragging an anchor on the bottom of the sea of dawdling. It seemed there was no end or beginning to any song, and even though the lyrics were fantastic, the random blaring sounds (presumably placed to wake someone out of the coma they’d slipped into) were annoying and not musically timed. The music was so bad I couldn’t even make it through the entire CD, much less the second CD. I would truly appreciate if The Cheap Nothing would kindly write some pleasing music to go with their lyrics.