Lip service

FSU student to create lip dub video

Many universities show their school spirit and student talent in a variety of ways. For FSU student Carlvin Dorvilier, spreading school spirit will come in the form of a campus-wide lip dub video.

“This type of thing hasn’t been done before here, and if so, it hasn’t been done effectively,” said Dorvilier, a junior in advertising/integrated marketing communications.

A lip dub is a form of video that joins lip-synching and audio dubbing, showing a person or group of people lip-syncing to create a simple music video. However, lip dubs are done in a single shot that travels throughout an area showing different situations.

A member of the directing staff, Dorvilier’s film will follow such lip dubbing videos as Calvin College’s “So Much Love,” and Grand Valley State University’s “Come Sail Away.”

“The purpose of this lip dub is to promote the international program, to promote Ferris State as a whole, and to promote that FSU stands by diversity,” said Dorvilier. “I believe as a college student, you should never go somewhere just to go somewhere. Your goal in life is to enter a university, get involved, and leave your trademark. I believe this lip dub can leave a trademark for inspiring young Bulldogs.”

Top Taggart Field, the IRC, Taggart Hall and the north quad will all be locations featured in the lip dub. The video will be filmed on a moving golf cart in a single shot.

“The video will consist of people lip syncing, dancing, playing sports — really anything,” said Dorvilier. “This is an opportunity for everyone involved to be creative. As long as people are being presentable, then they can do anything they want.”

David Flower, a junior in the television and digital media production program, said he will use his own personal camera for taping.

Currently, the choice of song is not certain; however, Dorvilier is positive it will be an upbeat, catchy tune.

“We are still dealing with copyright issues, so the song is not for sure. But the one we are planning on will be an upbeat song that is widely known,” said Dorvilier.

Adam Trevino, a junior in the criminal justice program, thinks the choice will make or break the video.

“I think if they picked an epic, memorable song and the video is directed extremely well, it could be really cool,” said Trevino.

Many registered student organizations and groups have been invited and will be participating in the filming. Individual FSU students may sign up to participate as well.

“As of right now I couldn’t tell you a specific number of people participating, but we are hoping to get about 70 people minimum,” Dorvilier said. “The way I look at it is the more the merrier.”

People who have not signed up by the day of filming but want to take part in the video can meet at the international department in the IRC at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 23.

Filming will take place Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. Participants should expect to be involved for approximately three to four hours. Anyone interested in participating can sign up by emailing Dorvilier at