Homecoming in Big Rapids

Ferris State Homecoming events are an important tradition to students.

Every year, the university holds a number of campus-wide events and two lucky Ferris students are crowned king and queen.

Beginning Oct. 11, one of Ferris’ longest-running traditions will have FSU students writing messages on car windows, tailgating and participating in scavenger hunts.

Unfortunately, purpose often gets lost on the path of tradition. Let us not forget the deeper meaning behind the events that bring RSOs together to celebrate FSU’s annual Homecoming.

Beyond the chalk-scribbled sidewalks, campus sports and voting, Homecoming is an opportunity to celebrate our school spirit.

It’s an opportunity for alumni, freshmen and upperclassmen to celebrate the influence we’ve made on the Ferris campus and surrounding city.

A number of events and campus community service projects begin with alumni and students in our classrooms. These are our RSO presidents and Big Rapids employers who give opportunities to FSU students.

Keep this in mind as we parade throughout the streets of downtown Big Rapids. Throughout downtown, a number of businesses are owned, managed and supported by Ferris alumni and current students.

From the painted bulldogs to the local concerts, Big Rapids is a city built on its relationship with FSU.

We should be proud to not only represent the student body, but to leave our mark on the entire Big Rapids community.

Therefore, instead of getting lost in the yearly traditions of Homecoming, this year let us remember to celebrate ourselves.

Beginning Oct. 11, we’ll “toon” into the positive differences we’ve made at both Ferris State University and in the Big Rapids community.