Torch Review 10.12.11

Dj Muggs vs GZA The Genius: Grandmasters

Sent to us out of the blue, this album released back in 2005 brings to the table a perspective of life that is dealt with daily by people in urban areas. Both emcees are fantastic storytellers weaving their rhymes cognitively without the typical fluff of ‘I’m more thug than you.’ The first of the series Dj Muggs vs- definitely has me intrigued and interested in hearing more. “Grandmasters” has an intuitive way of questioning the fairness of society gone awry while poking fun at life in a cruel world. It also lends one to question his or her own life, and the blessings or lack thereof received. It’s not a fast-paced album, and deserves to just be listened to instead of put on at a party, or while doing other work. Listening to each song and hearing it build upon itself collaborating all the while to paint a bigger picture and story allows you to appreciate all the work that went into the subtle back sounds, beats and samples. The samples were well placed, appropriate and added to the songs instead of distracting from them. I heartily recommend listening to this album all the way through, and going back to find little hidden gems or other nuggets you may have missed on the first run through.