It’s a mother’s responsibility

We still need our parents, even in college


I began my education at the age of four. “Eigna” was how I spelled my name. My pre-school teacher called it dyslexia, but my mother told her I was fine.

Of course, my pre-school teacher thought she knew best and wanted to make me stay an extra year to perfect my name spelling. My mom said no and told the teacher I would grow out of it.

I love my mom. She was right. I did grow out of spelling my name in such an odd way, but at least I have cool scrapbook pages to reflect on my previous work as a “writer.” I also ended up graduating high school at age 17. I think some of us take our moms for granted and even our dads too. Some students just don’t realize how much work our parents have done for us.

I do not know your life story, but I am assuming we are mostly on the same page here as college students.

Without my parents I would not be in college, no doubt about it. There is no way I would even know how to begin applying for loans, looking at housing, deciding what to bring or even begin planning my schedule out.

I don’t know about your parents, but mine always helped with my homework when I lived at home. Now that I’ve been in college for a full three years, well, they still help. My parents are the first ones to look at my resume or edit a paper for me. School is tough and Google can’t critique my essays.

My parents are also the first to compliment me on my accomplishments and push me to save as much money as possible. I began working in eighth grade and was not allowed to spend any birthday money; therefore, I was not always the happiest teenager. But somehow with the help of my parents I think I managed.

I hope we realize how much work our parents did for us and still do for us. I mean, they drove us to school every day, picked us up, made us dinner, didn’t make us pay rent and always took us “back-to-school” shopping. Those were the good old days, when we thought high school was so tough.

No matter where I am right now or where I end up after graduation, I know my parents will still be supporting me, calling and texting me and even leaving me Facebook messages. I’m sure yours will too.

When the fall semester ends students will be rushing to get off campus to go home. By the time you read this article there will be 65 days until the semester is over, but who’s counting?

After being in college for a while, I think the best parts of visiting home include sleeping in your own room again, taking a breather from this crazy college life and eating anything besides Ramen noodles. I’m not trying to bash any dining services on campus, but I’ve had my share of upset stomachs while on the dining plan.

We all think we are so grown up as soon as that college acceptance letter is in our hands, but reality is we still need our parents and we still need our moms no matter what our age is.

True, I use spell check more than any other student, but who else would have told my teacher I should pass pre-school when I spelled my name as “Eigna” at the age of four?

That’s a mother’s job.