Loss of a legend

What lies ahead for the future of Apple?

Steve Jobs.

Most of the world is in mourning over the loss of this one man. One man who has impacted the world of technology more than any other.

One man who has impacted my life in particular. I am a proud owner/user of an iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac. Without any of these my life and career would be incomplete.

Some may say it is a trap that I have fallen into with the use of technology, but honestly, could you see yourself without a gadget like the types listed above? I may be different by being an Apple user or as some call a “Windows hater.” This is a little harsh; I just don’t understand Windows just like you don’t understand Apple.

However, many people like myself have fallen head over heels for the designs of Steve Jobs. He is an innovator making the lifestyles evolve in a matter of only a few years. Can you imagine what he may have designed in a few years?

He thought ahead, not behind; he had ideas for what he thought people couldn’t live without. He designed for the future, not the present. Could you imagine not having a cell phone? I grew up with a cell phone starting at the age of 12. This may seem young but it was a way my parents could keep in touch with me since I was in so many different school activities.

Only five phones and nine years later I picked up the iPhone and knew that is what I wanted and needed. I felt as if Steve Jobs had made this phone just for me. I literally had almost all my needs in the palm of my hand. How exciting.

All these designs of his have made their way into the personal and work life of people. For me, I am surrounded, somewhat consumed, in the life of Apple. This is all thanks to Steve.

At this very moment of typing this article, I am using the iMac and lying next to me is my iPhone. The feeling I get when I use an Apple product is satisfaction.

The feeling I get when using a Windows is now frustration. It is just an opinion and how I feel, not that Windows is crap, but Apple to me is equivalent to paradise. It is within my comfort zone to be able to use these products.

Next week the new iPhone 4S will be released. I cannot wait until my contract is up. If I wasn’t a poor college student I would without a doubt be purchasing that beautiful iPhone that does more than I could imagine.

How can one man make such an impact on the world and me? Genius. That is what he must have been. He was an expert on what people need. His innovations have created a wonderful world.

What will lie ahead for the future of Apple? This is the question that concerns me because for a man I never met in person, he was incredible. My job, my studies, my life changed because of one man: Steve Jobs. n