Youth ministry seeks FSU volunteers

Young Life ministry is coming to Ferris this year

Looking for a Christ-centered volunteer opportunity? Want to make a difference in the lives of local kids and teenagers?

Young Life Ministry is looking for volunteer leaders. The Big Rapids chapter has been in the area, serving the Big Rapids Public Schools and Crossroads Charter Academy, for a few years, and they are in the process of becoming a registered student organization at Ferris.

What exactly does Young Life do?

“We spend a lot of time where the kids are at, visiting them right at school, bringing pizza at lunch, going to games, and building a relationship with them,” said Steve Graetz, head of the local chapter. The group aims to give local youth a trusted adult to go to with any problems. “High school especially is a time of confusion, what with relationships and family and looking to the future. It’s sort of like a Big Brothers, Big Sisters for older kids.”

At the core, Young Life is a ministry. “If we can, we share our faith with them. If that opportunity doesn’t present itself, we don’t push it. Our goal is to make a difference from the inside out,” says Graetz.

Young Life also holds events. They have bonfires, barn parties, dodgeball games, sledding/tubing/ice skating trips, and broomball games. In addition, they go to one of the thirty plus Young Life camps across the country, the closest one being in Lake City, Mich. It’s a week long experience similar to summer camp.

Graetz talks to the local schools about getting their volunteers in to visit the kids. There are weekly meetings to plan events and discuss what’s going on, while members decide how much time they want to spend with the kids. “We’re looking for Christian young adults who would be willing to pour their life into the lives of people younger than them,” says Graetz.

For more information on volunteering, call Graetz at 250-5841.