Fans on the bandwagon

Convenient or die-hard fans?

If the Mayans’ 2012 prophecy is true, one of the signs has to be the Detroit Lions current 5-0 winning streak. This is a big switch from earning the worst season in NFL history in 2008 with a 0-16 record or having the second longest championship drought in the league.

However, the biggest shocker is the number of Lions haters who have miraculously turned into Lions fans this year.

I had to rub my eyes twice when I saw the recent number of people wearing Detroit Lions jerseys. Imagine the confusion on my face when my friends asked if I wanted to come over and watch a Detroit Lions game.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with cheering for a hometown team. As a native of Detroit, it’s good to see people actually cheering for the Lions this season.

Still, how many of this year’s Lions fans were New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts fans just last year?

I’m afraid if one more person hops on the Lions bandwagon, the wheels are going to crack. Most of the recent fans I see haven’t worn a Lions jersey since Barry Sanders left and games were played in the Pontiac Silverdome.

The recent trend of Lions fans appears to be as unpredictable as Michigan weather. Though everyone’s rooting for the Lions now, I’m sure it’ll only be a few fumbles and losses before bandwagon fans go looking for another team to cheer for. If our loyalty as football fans only goes as far as a team’s winning streak, then how can we consider ourselves “true” Lions fans?

Regardless of how the Lions finish the season, let us all stand by our decision as “true” fans to invest in the team’s efforts–good or bad.

Don’t wait until they’re the best team on Madden or NFL Super Bowl champions before you declare yourself a fan.