Homecoming is for everyone

More students should participate in Homecoming

I love Homecoming Week. Every Homecoming has an overall theme and there are multiple events and activities to partake in from the lip sync show to the Homecoming dance on Saturday night. This year’s theme was cartoons, in case you missed the memo last week.

I like Homecoming Week so much because it is a time for campus to come together and show its Bulldog pride. We chose to go to Ferris, didn’t we? Why shouldn’t we show our school spirit, especially during the most important week of Bulldog pride celebrations?

This was my second year attending Ferris Homecoming and again, I loved it. My problem is, where was everyone last week when all of the festivities were going on? Sure, a lot of students were involved with planning and participating in the activities, but let’s be honest here. How many of those students were part of Greek life on campus?

Greek participants blew every other student group out of the water in terms of participation. Maybe this is because there are just so many Greek registered student organizations on campus, but even with the 14 groups or so what about the rest of the RSOs? We have over 200 RSOs on campus and I highly doubt everyone participated.

Homecoming is for everyone and I think a lot of students and student organizations forget that. We have over 10,000 students on campus and it just seemed like the same students were attending the Homecoming events.

I applaud those who did participate and to those who wore their red and gold apparel. I think it’s even cooler when students actually dress up for the daily themes, like the student who wore his red onesie to and from class. I just wish more students would actually get involved.

Students don’t realize what opportunities they have until they miss out on them. We won’t get into football games for free after we graduate, wear our pajamas to work or get student freebies like we do here.

We are going to be students only once, or so we hope, and we need to make the most of our time on campus, especially outside of class.

If you did not participate in Homecoming this year, you really should try to next year. I’m not saying run for Homecoming court, but at least wear school colors and go to an event or two.

Homecoming is for everyone, so take advantage of it while you still have the chance.