Torch Review 10.26.11

Shit Robot- Losing My Patience

Irish native Marcus Lambkin runs this one-man show as a DJ mixing techno and house beats. Made specifically in 33rpm form for other DJs to mix and scratch, his music has a unique flavor and mix, but may be a little too slow for some. If you were going to pump this album at a club you’d definitely need a few more fast-paced samples to make it worthwhile. The beats were a little boring and lacked a uniqueness that other DJs possess. Although talented, this DJ seems to be relying mostly on his offensive name rather than his music.

Polkadot Cadaver- Sex Offender

Formed out of the bygone band Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver brings a sound of oddity and enjoyment to those who have a taste for the satirical and the dark. The type of music Polkadot Cadaver brings to the table is an amalgamation of jazz piano, metal, and psychedelic flavorings. If you like satire, you’re going to love this album; its chock full of references to common societal problems like religious conflict and poverty. As the genre of metal goes, it’s pushing the border of even being called such. I’d relate it more to indie rock or even hard rock. Very few of the songs have the hard over-driven guitar that is so common in the metal scene. The lyrics are phenomenal, but if you take offense easily to violence or sacrilegious innuendos then don’t listen to it. The album is mixed very well, the samples are well placed and the vocals and guitar work glowed. This album would go great with a Halloween party or other like event.