Funds from fashion

St. Peter’s to put on fashion show to raise money

St. Peter’s Lutheran School, located on West Bellevue Street, is receiving the aid of two Ferris students at its annual fashion show.

Tirzah Price and Kristy Britton, alumni of St. Peter’s, have decided to donate some of their time to help the school raise funds to help support itself.

“Being in a smaller setting in a private school is very different from public schools,” Price said of her experience at St. Peter’s. “I really appreciate the support I got there beyond the classroom.”

Britton, senior in history education and 2003 graduate of St. Peter’s, has volunteered to be a model in this year’s show and has been modeling since she was two years old. Price, junior in English and 2006 St. Peter’s graduate, will be modeling clothing this year as well and has been doing so since she was in second grade.

According to Britton, other models will include mostly St. Peter’s students, past students, and teachers. The principal and pastor will be escorting the models.

The theme for this year’s fashion show is From Sea to Shining Sea and will take place on Oct. 29 beginning at 10:30 a.m. with an auction at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center. The luncheon will begin at noon and the fashion show, featuring styles from local businesses, will follow.

Price and Britton will also volunteer to help set up and decorate the ballroom in accordance to the theme, place favors at each table and help organize the items being auctioned off.

“My family is completely rooted in St. Peter’s. It’s not a question,” Britton said of why she decided to volunteer. “It’s like a second home to me. Anything that I can do for that place, I do. I’ve been there all my life, so I always try to help.”

“As college students, sometimes we can’t always donate our money because we don’t have a lot of it, but we can always volunteer our time to help. It’s a time commitment, but I really enjoy doing it,” Price said of volunteering at the school.

Items auctioned in previous years have included gift baskets from various families and businesses, jewelry, furniture, home items, cookies, sports tickets and gift cards.

Some of the businesses participating in the past included Maurice’s, The Sole, Eugenia’s, Tractor Supply, JCPenney, and Fairman’s Apparel, which is operated by people from St. Peter’s.

Money raised from the event will go toward St. Peter’s Lutheran School. Although the school is a private institution, tuition doesn’t cover all the costs of operation, Price said.

According to Britton, being an education major has made her appreciate the education she received at St. Peter’s and believes it is important to help them during these tough economic times.

“These days with the economy, there’s almost no support for them,” Britton said. “It would break my heart to see them not do well.”

Price agreed and said she is happy to give back to them because she spent some of the best years of her life there.

Tickets are on sale for $30; all ticket holders have the opportunity to win one of several grand prizes. Grand prizes in previous years have included an iPod 2 or a stay at the Holiday Inn, Britton said. For more information, contact Jennifer Hegenauer at or 796-8782.