Generation Occupied

Since Sept. 17, 2011, there has been a social movement that has spread throughout the country.

The Occupy Movement, which started in New York, is now reported to be in over 50 cities. People holding signs protesting the execution of Troy Davis, capitalism, higher education and the housing market are being shown nationwide.

Some view the protests as a positive unified social movement. Others see the protest as an overcrowded attempt at social anarchy.

Regardless, it’s good to see young people stepping out of their houses and spreading their complaints throughout their communities. As a generation who is looked upon as apathetic and careless, we’re seeing a variety of demographics protesting income inequality and social injustice.

Though thousands of demonstrators have been arrested for their protest, none have committed offenses worse than the corporate entities they protest against.

Throughout history, some of the most influential protests were met with resistance from law enforcement. However, there has always been a larger issue to motivate demonstrators to continue their protest. Recently, it has been the economic gap between the country’s wealthiest one percent and the other 99 percent of the nation.

The Occupy Movement has undoubtedly strengthened the effects ordinary American people can have on political powers. No matter how you view the movement, the most important thing is to simply have a voice.

Learn how these protests will affect the issues that matter to you and get involved. There’s a much larger world than the one we experience chatting with friends on social media sites; blogging can only do so much.

At some point we have to create our signs, step outside and show our opinions to the world.