Get ready to feel alive

This year’s Autumn Alive plans to get students on their feet with Taking Back Sunday and The Maine

Alternating between country and rock performers, this year’s Autumn Alive 2011 concert at Wink arena will have students trading in cowboy hats for Converse, as bands Taking Back Sunday and The Maine take the stage tomorrow at 7 p.m.

Music Industry Management Association Booking Agent and senior in music industry management Renee Urbanc said she’s observed extremely positive feedback. Taking Back Sunday was the number two pick behind Mumford and Sons, who was unable to be booked, so Urbanc was pleased with the outcome, as presale tickets are already better this year than in the past.

“The goal is always a sell out. This did not happen last year. We are all agreed that this year is our greatest chance of that happening, and we’ve never had a band of this caliber,” Urbanc said.

Shaun Cooper, bassist for Taking Back Sunday, said students can expect more than just the band’s new work from their self titled album, but old favorites as well from albums “Where You Want to Be,” “Tell All Your Friends” and “Louder Now.”

“We like to incorporate everything people want to hear and we have a good amount of older songs that we play from the catalog,” Cooper said.

Despite including older work, Cooper commented that the band hopes to break new ground with the new album, transitioning to more mature sounds and lyrical components.

“It is a more cohesive record. I don’t think the band has ever had a song like “Money (Let it Go)” or the lead track “El Paso,” which is heavier and darker than the band has done the past. We are trying to expand on what the band has been doing and keep it interesting for ourselves,” Cooper said.

Cooper said the band’s typical audience is college age students, though they play for a variety of fans. But whatever the age-group or crowd, the band plans on promoting an energetic atmosphere.

“College is nice because we have a nice big stage and don’t have to worry about a microphone whacking me in the head. We love any show we can get and we are just happy to play,” Cooper said.

He does hope that the response is positive, though he tries to go to each performance open minded.

“I have no expectations going in; it’s always new to me everyday. Every time you go in you say ‘this show is going to be awesome or it’s going to suck.’ We kind of take it as it comes,” Cooper said.

Kimberly Curcuru, sophomore in dental hygiene, expects great things from the bands.

“I’m excited to sing along to all the songs,” Curcuru said. “Alternative usually appeals to a larger audience versus other genres of music. A lot of people are excited about this Autumn Alive, and these bands definitely have more of a jump up and down feel than last year.”

“The day to day life of touring with my friends in front of kids screaming the words back and going crazy is ridiculously rewarding and creatively satisfying,” Cooper said.

Urbanc advises students to get their tickets fast, only $10 with student ID. For chances at free giveaways, like the Autumn Alive fan page on Facebook, and for more information, contact Urbanc at