Torch’s Top 5 Internet

What’s hot on the web

1) Occupy Oakland turns into chaotic scene. Huffington post reports news from one of the frontlines of the occupy movement. Interesting Article.|

2) You Tube sensation Epic Meal Time brought us a meat mummy this week in their installment. What’s coming up this Tuesday? Tune into find out.

3) A two week old baby is pulled from a building that collapsed during an earthquake in Turkey. BBC reporters on sight report this truly heartwarming story.

4) Lindsay Lohan’s judge gives her a reprieve until she completes a contract with playboy. That’s right, getting out of jail to have a nude photo shoot. TMZ gives you the details but not the pictures.

and for a more reputable site:

5) National Sandwich day was Nov 3rd. Did you participate in one of the best options for food?

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