Torch Review 11.9.11

Housse De Racket- Alesia

Released on November first this year, This French band doesn’t need a translator to break through as great performers. The songs on this album take a little bit of a back seat compared to the two other albums I listened to. This one is slower, more deliberate, and because of that, more beautiful. They blend the genre of Rock and House splendidly as it rightfully would seem. The two front men are ex members of the rock bands Air and Phoenix. I was happy to say that I don’t mind listening to it time and time again to get the correct translation of the French words. It’s great for setting up an imaginary montage. Everything passes quicker when you listen to Housse De Racket. I found my work going quicker, and my steps seeming shorter to take. I recommend this for anyone who is having a boring day. Even if you don’t speak French the beat and tunes alone will keep you pumped.

Publié en Novembre, Housse De Racket apporte un nouvel album original à la scène musicale. Alésia sons différents de leurs autres albums, et c’est parce que c’est mieux. La combinaison des genres est merveilleux, et je recommanderais cet album à quiconque a besoin quelque chose d’heureux à écouter. J’espère que vous trouverez cet album aussi agréable que je l’ai trouvé. C’est quelque chose de très utile d’utiliser comme musique d’ambiance pendant que vous travaillez. (Et j’espère que vous excuserez mon français terribles).