Tuition costs more than living expenses?

College may be becoming unaffordable for students

The cost of college tuition is rising faster than living and medical expenses and Ferris students are not thrilled to hear the news.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, the cost of college along with inflation has increased rapidly while outpacing family incomes and available aid within the last decade.

There has been a decrease in state funding and an increase in enrollment, which has caused the cost of tuition to rise dramatically.

Paytin Huddleston, a freshman in pre-nursing, is not happy about the increase in cost.

“I think everything should be cheaper, especially college. More and more people have to pay for their education by themselves,” Huddleston said. “And nowadays, a higher education is a must.”

She also said she was shocked after hearing that medical expenses are less than the cost to go to college.

“I’m leaving after this semester is over because I can’t afford to go to school here,” Huddleston said. “Lucky for me though, I can afford to live.”

For the 2011-12 school year, the tuition cost based on 15 credits per semester for a Michigan resident attending Ferris State University is $10,440. For a non-Michigan resident the tuition cost totals $15,660.

Comparatively, for the 2009-10 school year, the tuition cost based on 15 credits for a Michigan resident attending FSU was $9,480.

Along with tuition, the costs of housing and dining have also increased.

This year the cost of the Silver Meal Plan, which includes all you care to eat seven days a week and four guest passes, is $8,744 for the year. Also, there are two other plans that come with more additions for $9,044 and $9,344 for the year.

The Torch attempted to contact the Financial Aid Office; however, they did not respond.

Brian Cross, a freshman in elementary education, agreed with Huddleston on matter.

“I think the high prices of tuition are bullshit because if tuition can cost as much as living expenses and essential protections, something is wrong,” Cross said. “I just see it as unfair that you have to pay more to learn than to protect yourself. That right there proves that we are all paying too much for school.” n