Soul Food

As the holidays approach, we often get lost in the rush of Black Friday deals and Christmas shopping.

Between gift-wrapping and frantically preparing holiday dinners, a large part of the holidays is often forgotten. Quite often new electronics and an extensive wish list of popular gadgets distract us from an underlying purpose of celebrating the holidays.

Beyond decorating your home and unwrapping presents be sure to make time to enjoy holiday dinner with your family. The holidays are one of the few times when families sit around the dinner table and bond. The holidays are a time to share family history, life lessons and laughs with the ones you love.

Throughout the year dinner tables are usually left empty in the clutter of television programs, social networking sites, work schedules and class projects.

Our constant on-the-go lifestyle has replaced the tradition of setting the table with fast food orders. Rather than hold significance to family members, the dinner table has become no more than an extra piece of kitchen furniture.

These distractions have caused families to have lives disconnected from any central bonding time.

It’s through family bonding we are able to create and carry on tradition. Many family traditions aren’t documented in writing, but rather passed down through generations by spending time with one another. This is the true value of Christmas tree decorating, meal preparing and all the events leading up to spending time with one another for holiday dinner.

In a time when family members seem to live separate lives apart from one another, holiday meals are one of the most influential ways to bring family together. This is essential to building values and forgiving family quarrels.

Remember, this upcoming holiday season, greater than the superstore deals or time spent away from schoolwork is the opportunity to spend time with the people who matter most. n