Torch Review 11-16-11

Coyote Grace- Now Take Flight

Gracing us with their 5th album is a band from the west coast who gives traditional folk music a new and refreshing feel. The melodious mixings of banjos and mandolins with new age lyrics and ideas provides the listener with an astounding and peaceful mix. The album reminds us to slow down and remember who we are inside and not make excuses for it. You can’t help but have a warm fuzzy feeling as you listen to Coyote Grace. It is an inspiring album written by a truly inspiring band. I recommend this to anyone who likes folk music or is looking for something different.

Honey Honey- Billy Jack

A Nashville inspired duo from Los Angeles releases their album to an audience of the neo-folk and indie crowd waiting with open arms. With Billy Jack, a story of lovers and bittersweet romance is told through song. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and the lead singer’s voice has a nice raspy tone that is neither too harsh nor too soft. “Angel of Death” sticks out as being my personal favorite song off of the album, but as a whole, the entire album is very pleasurable. The only complaint I had about the album was the odd mash-up of the backup vocalist. The male back-up voice to me didn’t seem like it was needed at all, and was often just a touch out of tune. Instead of adding to the songs it detracted and distracted, and made me focus on the minor imperfections elsewhere.