Moving in with your significant other

Is this the next step before marriage or just someone to help pay rent?

The most important time of our lives is upon us; many of us are choosing careers, dating more seriously and making decisions that will impact our future.

It is scary to think that the decisions you make now could impact your life forever, and this goes double for your dating life.

Many devoted college couples are deciding to move in together; some while they are still in college and some as soon as they graduate, but is this the right choice?

Placing religious and ethical concerns on the backburner, this may not be the right decision for many young graduates.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development said that “cohabiting relationships are less stable than marriages and that instability is increasing.” They also reported that only 50 percent of people living together before marriage actually end up geting married.

Living with other people can be stressful, as I’m sure a lot of FSU roommates would agree with me here, and it can be hard to combine two people’s lives and not have conflict or go crazy over all of their odd habits.

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding if it is time to move in with your partner, but most importantly, can your relationship withstand the extra strain? Also think of all the implications in telling your family and friends. It says that you are serious about this person and they can expect wedding announcements in a few years.

I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with living with your partner once you are in a stable, healthily, committed relationship. It is also cheaper to split rent in these rough economic times.

My boyfriend and I have talked about living together once out of college and I think we are ready. I know all of his habits and faults and it makes me love him more because of them. I feel once you are at that place, your relationship is ready to withstand open toothpaste caps and leaving the toilet seat up.