The college years

As the semester comes to an end, it seems a time of reflection is necessary. While some FSU students are preparing for graduation, others are one step closer to finishing their time at Ferris State. In retrospect, my college years at Ferris have gone by much faster than expected.

Though we may live our college years as though they’ll always be here, we have only a limited time to enjoy our college experiences. The four or more college years we consider such a long time of our lives seem to quickly race past us between the time we spent sitting in orientation until the moment we put on our cap and gown.

Unfortunately, many of our college years are spent complaining about room sizes, suitemates, professors and test cramming. College is a necessary step for a number of high school students to transition into adulthood and often we hastily overlook it to experience a greater sense of maturity.

College is a time when we should be appreciating our freedom to stay up late, study education abroad or step out into adulthood while still having a piece of our childhood to hold onto. The college student who fails to focus on the present while looking toward the future never gets the chance to appreciate where they are currently. No one can rewind his or her college years, and the post-graduate transition into a competitive job market is inevitable.

Therefore, appreciate the time of personal discovery college allows us to make because eventually our transition into the real world will require us to utilize life lessons we would have learned in college.

Class schedules will be replaced by work schedules. Classroom professors will be replaced by worksite managers and populated walks through the quad by interstate traffic jams on the way to work. Regardless of if you’re walking across the stage or simply preparing for semester break, college is a time to appreciate the lessons of our youth.