Torch Music Review December 7, 2011

Bury the Silence – Phobiotic

Muskegon metal group Bury the Silence released their album Phobiotic in November 2010. Since then they’ve been touring the state playing many gigs and opening for national bands such as Chimera, Death and Impending Doom. When I got a chance to review their album I jumped on it. The album sent to me doesn’t have the same lead singer as the one touring now, but thankfully my research in this matter proved that there wasn’t much difference. If you like Death and Doom these guys should be in your player. Bury the Silence sounds a lot like other death metal bands, such as Deicide and Jungle Rot. The sound is very well polished, and the instrumentals flashy and well finished. The vocalist abilities are quite good, but if you don’t like metal, and especially if you don’t like extra-hard-core metal, I would stay away. Death metal bands have a unique ability to be able to sing in a very low, garbled tone. Bury the Silence is no different in that regard. As a friend of mine once put it, “They could be singing the grocery list, for all I know.” It takes a very well-trained ear to be able to decipher what is going on and what is being said–and that’s what makes it so fun. By gurgling the words they make you pay more attention to them. Bury the Silence is an excellent example and great addition to any well-rounded music collection.
To buy a CD or find out where Bury The Silence plays next, find them on Facebook.