College lessons

The ups and downs of college make us who we are today

This is my fourth year of college and my second year while attending Ferris.

In all of my semesters studying at a higher education level, I can honestly say this has been my toughest one. But, because of how difficult this semester has been, I have overcome some of the biggest challenges throughout my career, encountered numerous “learning experiences” and hopefully have become a better individual.

School is tough. If it was not this difficult, I do not think the past four years of my life (or yours) dedicated to school would have been worth it. It would not have been worth the thousands of dollars of my money and the time and energy I put into every assignment, volunteer activity and professional experience.

College goes by extremely fast, as I am sure all of the fall graduates are thinking to themselves. I hope each and every one of us has gained something from every class, professor, and whatever else we fill our college days with.

The reason why school can be so difficult at times is because of how we challenge ourselves. College is full of ups and down and we learn from our successes, our failures and our mistakes.

According to, the average student skips 26 class periods, drops two classes a year and receives two parking tickets a year. I’ve learned from personal experience where not to park on campus, with the six parking tickets I received during my first semester at Ferris. I now know where I cannot park before 5 p.m.

I hope whatever obstacles come our way, even as something as little as a parking ticket, we can learn from our experiences and become better individuals.

College is a preview for the workplace. We live, we learn and we move on, but hopefully we improve in our careers and in our personal lives. People will probably still skip work and get parking tickets, but it is the difficulty we face in college, through our classes, activities and time management, that prepares us for any challenges we may face in our future.

College is a learning experience, and hopefully holds some of the best times of our lives. So congratulations to everyone for surviving this semester. If your semester was anything like mine, I know you are ready for the holiday break, just like I am.

But I challenge everyone to not be discouraged if you faced a rocky road this semester. Learn from your experiences, like I hope I have.