Not the best plan

Careless or stupid, regardless of what you think it doesn’t make sense to demolish history

Goodbye Masselink and Carlisle. Hello black top parking lot. Fumes and noise is what will be smelled and heard campus wide and in nearby neighborhoods as Ferris demolishes residence halls this summer.

Clearly Ferris has everyone’s best interest in mind when it decided demolishing the residence halls of Carlisle and Masselink is a good idea. Well, I think differently for many reasons.

I understand these buildings are old and out of date, but are they really so bad that they are inhabitable for any use? If so, then I guess it must be out of the question to renovate. Granted this may cost more money upfront, but here at Ferris money grows on trees (too bad the students can’t have any of these trees).

Instead of creating a different use for these buildings, Ferris will demolish them to the ground like Pennock this past summer and create a beautiful parking lot. This will be so much better to look at than historical buildings that have made Ferris what it is today.

This is not at all environmentally friendly. I for one live nearby and will now not have this as a barricade from campus. It is taking great aesthetics away from campus. It is not like these buildings are an eyesore. Masselink has a functioning kitchen and there are plenty of rooms for housing.

Instead Ferris plans to move campus more south. So why demolish and put a parking lot in place? So people have to park farther away from the main campus? That makes not so much sense.

The intentions of Ferris with this plan seem pointless. My tuition money is going for this project and I don’t agree with it. When will students get a chance to voice their opinions on how campus should be? Isn’t campus supposed to be for us?

I don’t see any “us” in this project, just administration making plans without thinking it all through. I bet this will cost a lot of money, so does that mean more increase in tuition?

I pay to go to college and would appreciate being a part of how campus functions. This plan is affecting campus as a whole, not just a few people and it will only benefit a few after lots of money
is wasted.