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1.2 billion apps downloaded Christmas week

The holidays proved to be a high point for the two major app stores with 1.2 billion global downloads in a week. This was a 60 percent increase from the early part of December.

Christmas day had 6.8 million activations of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android phones, along with 242 million app downloads on the one day alone of people eagerly wanting to explore the full capabilities of their new devices.

The United States led the global numbers with 509 million downloads, followed by China with 99 million and the UK with 81 million.

This data shows the prevalence of smartphones in our society. Hundreds of thousands of applications are available, so the common phrase “There’s an app for that” really stands true for both Android and iOS phone systems.

From education to sports to games of all shapes and forms, application developments for both systems have gotten quite vast and numerous.

The major companies behind the phones, Apple and Google, see a portion of the profits being made from the apps. Apple and Google both receive a 30 percent cut on the sale of each application.