Torch Music Review January 18, 2012

Newday Dreamers: First in a Series of Itty Bitty Demos

Newday Dreamers come from neighboring college town and river city Mt. Pleasant. The band has been around almost five years with a few varying members and under several different names. Their released songs feature the talent and hard work of the up and coming Indie band. Their music flows like a stream of musical consciousness enveloping your senses. The lyrics are poetic and mystical. I like the fact that each song is different depending on how you listen to it. I love how they cryptically toy with your head, making you think harder than you want to for such mellow music. The song “Cars” has the lyrical capacity of any lauded poet, yet it has the duplicity of allowing you to lull yourself into a melodic stupor; it’s genius. The technical schematics are understated as it is with most Indie groups, that is to say there is a lot going on, but your ear naturally just gravitates to the melody instead of listening to the variances in the background. Newday Dreamers are a great band, and I’m looking forward to their full-length album when it arrives. If you want to download their songs, visit them at –The downloads are free too! Yet another reason to like these guys!