Auditions for “Avenue Q” not for the faint of heart

This year’s spring play proves to be raunchy and humorously offensive

Puppets and college plays are not two things that usually go together.

That is, unless your school is performing “Avenue Q,” a raunchy coming of age story that is equal parts musical and puppet show. Described by some as a very grown up “Sesame Street,” “Avenue Q” will be Ferris’ spring show, and auditions are taking place Jan. 23, 24, and 25 in the Williams Auditorium.

Director Katherine LaPietra described the play as “both funny and thought provoking and more than a little controversial.” The fact that this show is racy and a musical may contribute to a smaller audition turnout than for most shows, but LaPietra remains optimistic.

There were around 40 actors signed up to audition. There are eight main roles to fill in addition to many other smaller roles for a total of about 20 roles.

Kate Schwartz, FSU senior in business administration and assistant stage manager for “Avenue Q,” said some may be turned off by the adult content in the show.

“Some people aren’t willing to be a part of something that is so controversial,” Schwartz said. “There are many debatable topics that the show covers from gays to racism.”

This can be witnessed just by some of the controversial song names, such as “The Internet is for Porn” and “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” One thing that makes “Avenue Q” different from any other play put on by Ferris is that most of the cast is made up of puppets.

Schwartz said the most difficult part of the casting and auditioning process is that there is “too much talent.” Many talented actors show up and audition, but there are a limited number of roles.

“It gets very hard to see five people fit for the same role but can only cast one,” Schwartz said. “This is good for the theatre, but makes it hard on casting.”