Red vs. Blue

Students share their political views

Sean Duchaine
Senior, biology

“I back the candidates and ideas which have the most common sense. I have some feelings that sway democratic and some that are more republican, but overall I’d consider myself more of a libertarian because of their free-market ideas, emphasis on civil liberties and non-intervention overseas. I think we need to end the Federal Reserve, control the military industrial complex, legalize marijuana and research into more health benefits of marijuana. Ultimately, we need a smaller and more constitution-oriented government.”

Valoree Burns
Sophomore, computer information systems

“I don’t have any real political affiliation; it’s not something I’ve really thought a lot about. However, coming to college has made me think more about these issues. There are certain things about certain groups that I really like but I keep an open mind about them. I think it’s important that we end the war and move toward a universal health care system like they have in Canada. I like Stephen Colbert’s bid for presidency.”

Corey VanBuren
Senior, history and political science

“My political views are definitely complicated. I’d say I’m libertarian on paper, but in practice tend to lean more democratic. Our ideals aren’t always very practical and can’t provide the solutions we need. I’d probably vote for Ron Paul but I don’t agree with his foreign policy; I think it’s too isolated and America needs to be active in the world not shut out.”

Brett Bieth
Sophomore, healthcare systems administration

“I would say that I’m democratic. I like the Democratic party because I think that the country should be run on the idea that the government should try and help people who need it. We really need to fix the economy, especially focusing in on unemployment which is a huge problem. We need to establish a universal health care system in this country as well; I don’t like that the government can fine you for not buying insurance.”

Kayla Franzel
Junior, radiology

“My political views are hard to explain. I don’t know everything about politics and I try and learn from people who are more educated on the subject. I feel people who know a lot about it can try and get across the more important points without all the fluff. I don’t think Obama should have passed his healthcare bill; we need to get this county out of debt.”

Matthew Holt
First-year pharmacy student

“I would identify myself as a liberal. I like liberalism because I’m not a fan of helping out the big guy at the expense of the little guy. We really need to protect our first amendment rights in this country; his is something which has been getting trampled on a lot.”

Timothy Burke
Sophomore, hotel and food industry management

“I would say I’m an independent and float between Republican and Democrat. I supported Obama in 2008 but am more in favor of Ron Paul for 2012. I liked what Occupy Wall Street was doing but feel their time is over now. I think it’s very important that this country adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy and return to a gold standard currency.”

Anthony Peltier
Junior, marketing

“I think Democrats and Republicans are both hypocritical. You have Democrats talking about social freedom but not giving any economic freedom and Republicans talking about economic freedom but not giving any social freedom. Obama has just continued the failed policies of previous administrations and people aren’t taking a liking to this. I’m sick of this continuous crony capitalism that has persisted throughout so many administrations. Government picking winners and losers based on which corporations bought them out isn’t a free-market, bank bailouts aren’t free-market. We need more individual liberty in this country, is there really a point in being safe if we aren’t free?”