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Legendary coach Joe Paterno has died. The iconic coach’s memory will never be forgotten, but what does this mean for the world of college football?

Obama passes a bill that will (hopefully) revolutionize the available access for women to receive birth control. As someone with a health insurance plan that currently does not cover this, I am ecstatic! This means there is no excuse to finding affordable birth control. Thank you, Mr. President!

Hipster dogs to morbidly obese cats–what’s not to love about that?  We Rule The Internet gives us a collaboration of some of the funniest and cutest animal pictures on the web.

This is just too cool for words. You have to see it to believe it. Spray painting has been taken to a whole new level.

For more of the artist’s work, go to

Remember your Nintendo Gameboy? Do you ever find yourself in a nostalgic place wanting all those fun memories back? Yes? Here’s an emulator that is sure to take up the rest of your afternoon, if not week. It has all the classics: Zelda, Kirby and of course, Mario. I’ll see you all next week, if I can get past Dr. Wiley.