Move…get out the way

New Year’s resolutions are pointless if you don’t follow through

It’s 6:45 a.m. and I am awake heading to the Rec Center just to find out that it is already packed.

Seriously? It is never packed this early in the morning, why now? Oh, that’s right, people are back to school after the winter break and they felt the need to make a New Year’s resolution. And what is a better resolution than getting in my way at the gym, where I go regularly (or used to)?

I am refusing to go to the REC until the end of January (which is nearing, thankfully) when I know most people will have given up. It has happened for the past three years I have been here. It is a trend I despise.

I am happy people have committed themselves to become healthier and more active, but why even do it when you quit in three weeks? I wouldn’t mind if I knew these people would stay but instead they just come to annoy me for a short period of time. I don’t even go to the Rec at this time. I work out at home.

Not only will it happen after New Years but right before Spring Break. Just an FYI, it takes a lot longer than a week to get in shape. We all wish we could look good in a bikini in a week; it would be a lot less work and time that we don’t seem to have.

It is hard to stick with exercising in the world we live in and I do commend the people who try with their hectic schedules to squeeze in exercise. Maybe the overcrowded Rec has something to do with poor design. It isn’t the largest fitness center I have seen. Ferris is trying to improve but maybe if they have more hours available people wouldn’t be crammed and not want to go.

So as the end of January is nearing maybe Ferris can do something about the overcrowded gym. Ha, wait, what am I thinking? That will never happen.

I love seeing the Rec being used. Way to go to people who try, but if you quit so suddenly what was the point of ever going? To show you are a quitter? If you make a New Year’s resolution, do yourself a favor and don’t give up.

This article was not intended to slander anyone but make people aware of how are society is. Yeah, I was harsh but as a society we have become accustomed to being lazy.

Let’s work together on making the most out of our New Year’s resolution or many of us will become the majority and quit. Nobody wants to be a quitter but it is the easy way out!

So after you are done reading, grab a workout buddy; they are the best motivators. Some days you don’t have time or feel like doing much physical activity but everyone needs a break. Go for a walk, do some light stretching.

I encourage all to take what I have said and think about any resolution you have made and I challenge you to stick with it for the whole year. Good luck to everyone and even if I do get ticked off with the over crowded Rec, at least you are trying. Never give up, put all you can into any goal you set in life.