Calling all artists

RSO aims to encourage art appreciation

There are over 200 registered student organizations at Ferris, but none that is specifically focused on visual art.

However, Carrie Weis, director of the Rankin Art Gallery, is trying to change that. Weis first saw the need for an art RSO when a student talked to her about the possibility of starting one. Soon after, students began approaching her about setting up art competitions across campus.

By providing an RSO for students who are interested in art, she hopes to help these students accomplish their goals of providing a creative outlet for students and help them learn more about art.

One does not necessarily need to be good at art in order to join this organization; he or she simply needs an interest in art to join. Weis said this organization would assist members in interpretation, appreciation and greater understanding of art.

Ideally, a group meeting would consist of discussing an artistic concept, going out and viewing that type of art and then making art.

“You are only limited by your creativity,” Weis said. “If you have a room full of really creative people, I just see really wonderful things happening.”

The only requirements for starting an RSO is having a faculty advisor and members, and then registering with Ferris to become an official organization.

Although there are organizations for crafting and different kinds of performing arts, this would be the first RSO for visual art.

“I think there are all kinds of reasons that art is important in and of itself, whether it’s a form of expression or a form of self reflection. It’s what makes us human,“ Weis said.