Pillow talk

Listen to your heart...through a pillow

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how difficult they may be and you may miss you significant other more than you’ve ever imagined.

For those who are currently in one, or may have to be apart from their loved one for some time, there is a new product you may want to hear about. It is called “Pillow Talk.”

Now, it sounds silly, but listen to this: Each partner wears a ring sensor that wirelessly transmits the sound of their heartbeat to a pillow insert. Once the transmission occurs, the other person’s pillow glows and the pillow begins mimicking their heartbeat.

A college graduate from Scotland, Johanna Montgomery, came up with the idea and actually created it herself as one of her final college projects. Pause. Her final college project was creating a product where you can feel someone’s heartbeat miles away through a pillow by wearing a ring. And I thought my final projects senior year would be cool. This isn’t two dimensional like Facebook, Skype, texting, or instant messaging. This could actually feel like a person is right next to you when they aren’t. It seems surreal, silly, yet completely captivates my attention at the same time.

In her Skype interview with ABC and promotional video, she explains how she wanted to create an awareness of another person, even if they are not there. The video has a few hundred thousand views, and ABC said, “This could be big.” Who knows if it will or not, but by the way our technology is improving and changing everyday this product may simply be a new fad or the way of the future.

You never know what could happen. This idea fascinates me. Our technology is so advanced, we can now sense a person who is far away through a pillow. This could go way beyond the cell phone, computer, TV, iPod or whatever other contraption you have. Pillow Talk sounds like such a funny idea, but could be a powerful tool used to connect relationships on a much deeper level, and it would be incredible if the product actually works.

This product may help ease the pain and difficulties of a long distance relationship. This makes me wonder what life will be like years from now. Check out johannamontgomery.com to see her progress on getting this product to store shelves. n