Ghostly findings

Ghost hunters visit FSU’s creepiest buildings

Those mysterious noises that go bump in the night across campus will be the topic of investigation for a team of Michigan ghost hunters.

The Michigan Area Paranormal Investigative Team (MAPIT) along with Entertainment Unlimited and the History Task Force will present investigative findings of their search for paranormal activity Feb. 21 at Williams Auditorium.

“There are many, many reports of strange happenings. We get all kinds of stories,” Mary Kay McIver, History Task Force chair, said.

Investigating locations such as Ferris’ Alumni building, the oldest building on campus, McIver said many students on campus were interested in knowing if their classrooms had ever been haunted.

Kiara Patterson, FSU health care administration junior, said she believes buildings such as Hallisy Hall could be haunted and wants to know what evidence the MAPIT discovers at Williams Auditorium.

“We experienced small clothing disappearing and also heard a lot of random noise,” Patterson said. “It could be possible. Why not find out for myself?”

Chavon McMurray, FSU applied speech communication senior, also believes many of FSU’s old buildings could be haunted. McMurray said she’s heard creepy noises in buildings such as the Rankin, FLITE and the Johnson Building.

“Most of my classes are in the Johnson Building and there’s always this weird noise I hear,” McMurray said.

McIver said the History Task Force interviewed several paranormal investigation teams before choosing the MAPIT. Established in 2006, the MAPIT is composed of six members including Daniel Mackin, Dave Mackin, Roger Geraci, Justin Hawkins and Myst Hornyak.

FSU’s Paranormal Activity event will begin at 7 p.m. in Williams Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public.