Mullets, mockery and a little bit of magic

Comedian Nicholas Anthony’s honest and obscure sense of humor provided a much needed laugh for the uptight college student

It’s no surprise that comedian Nicholas Anthony was the winner of the Las Vegas comic festival. Like Vegas, his humor was fast, suggestive, raw and sometimes a little bit weird—the perfect cocktail for a room full of college students. In fact, frequently throughout the show and at the beginning, Anthony insisted the crowd wasn’t rowdy enough.

His first joke was a quick and witty one-liner with just the right amount of sexuality to get the crowd’s attention. “I like tall women because they get more naked,” Anthony opened.

The antics continued from there as Anthony tested the waters and attempted to get the audience going. It didn’t take long. Some of the random assortments of topics covered included mullets, bathroom etiquette, girls’ body image, people with ugly pets, strip clubs, love, White Castle and questionable medical exams from male practitioners during his comedy tour in Iraq. He also raised some poignant questions about whether it’s better to drive drunk or drive high, commented on what men would do if they gave birth and made plenty of playful stabs at Ferris State University and the audience.

“He had that straight forward college sound. You have to make it blunt and not be afraid to say things. He wasn’t afraid to make fun of someone or keep us alive,” Matt Leindecker, FSU sophomore in criminal justice, said.

Anthony assured it was all in good fun, and thought those in the audience were great sports.

“Everyone was so cool. People came to have a good time. Even teachers that are supposed to be serious were like ‘do what you want and have fun,’ and that’s what it’s all about. You guys are working your asses off at school and you need a little break to just forget about whatever you’re working on and laugh for a while. It’s fun to be able to be the person facilitating that. You don’t realize how much I get out of it,” Anthony said.

“I thought his raunchy humor was funny,” Katie Whitney, FSU first-year nuclear medicine student, said.

Joe Lacasse, FSU second-year accounting student, was all for the diverse and suggestive humor.

“My favorite jokes were the mullet jokes. It was great; I’d go see him again. Controversial jokes are always the funniest ones,” Lacasse said.

Brought in by Entertainment Unlimited, Anthony was advertised as a magician and comedian. Though the show consisted mostly of comedy, Anthony did do one bizarre card trick at the very end of the show, which ended in him spitting out a whole deck of cards from seemingly no where.

Anthony mentioned that student support is greatly responsible for the quality of his show.

“I think you guys are lucky to have such a cool venue that everyone comes to. If you keep supporting it, they’ll keep bringing good talent. I had a blast,” Anthony said.

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