Torch Music Review February 15, 2012

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PermaSmile –
Sample and demo tracks

PermaSmile is a psychedelic alternative group from the Quad City area of Illinois. Their sound combines the best of The Beatles psychedelic phase and mixes it with the newer sounds of The Ramones, Green Day and other punk-pop groups. These tracks are the exemplified reason to tune in, turn on and drop out. PermaSmile relishes in building a feeling of being stoned out of your gourd without having inhaled any substance at all. The trippy riffs, coupled with aloof and whimsical lyrics make these songs a great addition to any mix labeled “chill.” The song “Gemini” is by far one of the greatest testaments to a rocky relationship with a crazy person I’ve ever heard. It also rings a special nerve to anyone who has actually dated a Gemini and knows about their astrological shortcomings. “Poppin’ Wheelies,” likewise, is a fun light-hearted song about a lost youth we all yearn to recapture. I’m really having a hard time finding anything I don’t like about this band and the songs they have available to listen to. They’re fantastic. I heartily recommend spending the $3.96 it will cost you to buy the four tracks available. n

5 out 5 stars