Just for the heck of it

Leave your potty mouth at home, please

It’s an amazing learning experience to walk around campus and learn five new swearwords before I arrive at my destination.

I am not a goody-two shoes when it comes to swearing. I learned a lot of swearwords when I was younger by listening to my dad’s buddies around the garage. I even swear when I stub my toe. But at least I use the word in the appropriate context.

I like listening to conversations in the Rock or Westview because I like analyzing how others talk to one another. I was counting how many times an individual used the F-word in a five-minute conversation. I stopped after 20 or so.

Using profanity to add emphasis to a conversation is becoming an epidemic. It is used almost everywhere. My only respite is the classroom, and even then I have had professors use swearwords while lecturing. Not only is this highly unprofessional, but they lost credibility with me as an educator.

I used to curse more than I do, then I realized if I had to sensor myself every time I walked into a professional setting, I should reevaluate how I speak. And the problem does not end with verbal communication.

I love my family dearly, but reading their Facebook statuses is appalling (and not just for the spelling and grammar errors). They obviously did not choose their words when they typed their message.

I don’t understand why people have to swear to get their message across. You’d think they could find a suitable word in the dictionary to add the desired emphasis in their sentence.

Education, or the lack thereof, is to blame for the slander of the English language. Adults instruct their children not to use “adult words,” yet these words are acceptable, to some degree, in society upon their eighteenth birthday. These “words” should not be acceptable at any age.

Unfortunately, the use of profanity is growing in popularity in private and public speech. Speakers believe if they use swearwords they will trigger an emotional response that will entice people to their cause. Using emotion to sway someone to your side is not always the way to go because of our frame of reference.

I am always hearing about how my generation has to be “the change in the world.” We are changing it, all right, for the better I cannot say. If you want to be a difference in our world, start by making a difference in yourself. Leave your potty mouth at home.