Being ourselves

This past weekend, the headlining act for FSU’s annual Ferris Fest concert was announced at the hockey game against Bowling Green.

No, it wasn’t Justin Bieber. It was a band by the name of “All Time Low.” Throughout the years, musicians who have performed on the Ferris Fest stage have either been met with rave reviews or a silent yawn. From Sean Kingston and Cartel, to Three Six Mafia, Anberlin and Mike Posner, Ferris students have plenty opinions on the choice for Ferris Fest headliners.

However, there also lies an opinion that tends to question the age appropriateness of a concert open to the Big Rapids community. The concern regarding the appropriateness of FSU student actions has been raised in the way we speak, the way we think and how we act in our interaction with the local community. From Ferris students walking home from Shooters to house parties on Locust Street, there appears to be an issue involving the effects student life may have on the local area.

As college students and young adults, it’s important we are allowed the opportunity to mature and experience a university lifestyle. Whether it’s in the heart of the quad or talking to friends in the Rock Café, we need to feel comfortable in knowing our actions as college students won’t create separation between the surrounding community and ourselves.

A community is defined by its ability to accept the differences of those who make up its population. The number of students in Big Rapids during the weekend does not determine a strong relationship between FSU’s campus and the local area.

It’s expressed in our ability to integrate our campus lifestyle into the community. We require support of one another to not only expand Big Rapids, but also ourselves. Let’s be comfortable in the language, parties, philanthropy and studies that make up our diverse college experience and have ultimately created a tradition of successful alumni at FSU.