Sound of love

Musician Kurt Scobie performed for Valentine’s Day

Students paused and craned their necks as they were greeted with live music while filing into The Rock on Valentine’s Day.

Many students were not aware that their evening meal would be accompanied by a live performance from a talented musician. Kurt Scobie, a Michigan native, set a romantic mood with a combination of original songs and cover songs by musicians such as John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

Scobie has been playing piano for 20 years, and has been in the professional music industry since 2008. This was his first time performing at Ferris, but he said he would definitely be willing to perform here again. “It has been really pleasant,” Scobie said. “Everybody here made me feel really welcome.”

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to his performance. Most students said they did not come because of the music, but were pleasantly surprised by the live entertainment. The audience was engaged and responsive. “The audience was great,” Scobie said. “They sang along; overall they were a really fun crowd. I could feel they were really attentive.”

Emily Rohdy, FSU sophomore in professional golf management, was at The Rock for a group Valentine’s Day dinner. She and her friends liked the added holiday bonus of a performance with their meal. “We got lucky that they had dinner and a show,” Rhody said.

The majority of viewers in attendance attended by themselves or with their friends; there were only a few couples. Some students, such as David Rowse, FSU junior in facility management, said he would not take a date out to a Valentine’s dinner at The Rock, even if there was live entertainment.

However, Stephen Weiland, FSU senior in elementary education, liked the idea of an affordable meal with live entertainment for Valentine’s Day. When asked if he would bring a date to The Rock on Valentine’s Day, Weiland replied with a laugh, “If I had one. If it were the regular Rock, probably not, but for something like this, probably.”

One couple in attendance was Kurt Kaufman, FSU senior in automotive management, and his wife Sharon. Kaufman and his wife were at The Rock celebrating their 21st anniversary.

Grayson Fuller, FSU freshman in statistics, was there with his girlfriend Shelby Meyer, FSU freshman in information security. Although Fuller said he would not use an event at The Rock to replace his Valentine’s Day plans, he did enjoy the free entertainment. “Honestly, we just came for the food,” Fuller said, “but the music seems good so far.”