Torch Music Review February 22, 2012

Shadow Status- Self-titled Album

Mid-Michigan releases another great band with the hard rock renegades of Shadow Status. Their self-titled album was released in November of 2011, and with a repertoire of opening for national acts such as Future Leaders of the World, Taproot, and Taddy Porter, bring a lot of hype for a small-town band. You too, may have heard them on WGRD 97.9’s Bootleg CD with their single “Parasite.”

They sound like a mixture of Chevelle and Bullet For My Valentine. I found their mix to be a little sloppy, but overall appealing. I did not like the screaming bits in some of the songs, and felt that it wasn’t necessary considering their lyrics stand on a solid base. The guitar work is well accomplished, and the underlying bass is perfectly placed. Shadow Status’ one downfall is that their vocalist seems to try to over-emote some of the lyrics, with screams or crescendos that are not needed due to the quality of the lyrics present. They are definitely a great addition the hard rock /alternative genre, and would be a great addition to any collection. Their songs will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other major mp3 sellers by the end of the month. You can also find them online at

3 out of 5 torchies