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Data mining is certainly the future of the advertising world. You don’t need a movie like Minority Report to show that. Target has taken it to a new level when they accurately predicted that a teenager was pregnant before she even told her family.

A business savvy U of M student makes the ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’ service into a reality.

College Humor strikes again with this mock video about student loans seeming a lot like STDs. With Ferris’ own student loan averages climbing, or more like trebuchet-ing to the top, it doesn’t seem too far fetched.

Speaking of trebuchets, this rich guy built what looks to be a 60-foot trebuchet in his backyard out of a bunch of trees. He then launches two flaming pianos and a compact car.

What did you give up for Lent? This video shows us a more non-traditional view of what you could give up for Lent.