First offensive man

Johnston, line mates, combine for team leading offensive line

A fire was lit beneath senior forward Jordie Johnston during his last season as a Bulldog that has led to him leading Ferris’ roster in scoring output.

Johnston doesn’t remember a time where he wasn’t on the ice. He began skating at about the age of two and started playing organized hockey at the age of five.

As a Saskatchewan native, Johnston grew up playing hockey on his farm. His father built a backyard rink for Jordie and his brothers.

“It wasn’t even an option not to [play hockey], hockey was really big in my family growing up,” Johnston said.

Johnston began playing offense and almost made a switch to defense so he could have more time on the ice, but ended up sticking with offense as he worked on perfecting that angle of his game.

Staying offensive minded has been a choice that has paid off for Johnston as he leads this years Bulldogs through the post-season.

Johnston, an FSU accounting major, has totaled 33 points this season (18G, 15A). His season prior, Johnston only scored 13 points (6G, 7A) total. Johnston is the seventh-best offensive leader in the CCHA thanks to his scoring totals.

Johnston attributes much of his success to his new line mates and his work in the off-season. Johnston did some shooting and working on his shot over the summer. Johnston’s line has scored a combined 84 points (37G, 47A) so far this season.

“My line mates have been awesome this year. We’ve gelled right from the start of playing with each other. It’s just hard work over the last three years that’s starting to pay off this year,” Johnston said. “My line mates get open when I don’t think a normal player would.”

Johnston’s counter part, sophomore right wing Garrett Thompson, has been watching and playing with Johnston for the entire year. Being on a line with Johnston and junior Matthew Kerzinger has paid off for Thompson, as he has posted 20 points (9G, 11A) while producing the most points out of the sophomore’s on the Bulldog’s roster.

“It’s really easy to play off of [Jordie Johnston], the chemistry between our line is great,” Thompson said. “I had to pick up my game a bit more to be able to hang with them on my line.”

Johnston came into this season with one goal in mind: to win. He wanted to do everything he could to help the Bulldogs get to where they are now. Thanks to his line mates, teammates, and the coaching staff giving Johnston opportunities in games, he has been able to share the success the Bulldogs have had this season with a group of guys he’s closest with.

“To come out of college and be able to put your hands on something was a big goal and it feels great to have accomplished that,” Johnston said. “But we’re not completely satisfied with what we’ve done so far. We want to keep things rolling and be a team that’s remembered for a long time.”