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Korn–The Path of Totality

Korn breaks into the newest and hottest genre of music on the market to date with their new album. Taking a break from the heavy and extreme down-tuned chugging, they’ve teamed up with Skrillex to make a comprehensive dubstep album. Korn has been known in the past to change their genre from album to album with little to no warning, but through Twitter and Facebook, this time around fans had a bit of a preliminary insight into the chaos of the musical moguls. Traditional fans of Korn will not like this album whatsoever.

While the lyrics stay true to the band’s intentions and direction, the overall sound is too poppy for most, and the inclusion of Skrillex is an insult to almost any musician. I have enjoyed Korn since I discovered their album “Life is Peachy” in my youth, and after sticking through “Issues” and “Untouchable,” I was hoping for something a little more…Korny. This album basically sounds like Jonathan Davis meets dubstep. I can’t even hear the band behind the mixed beats. However, I like it. It’s going to go in that hidey-hole in my floor board, and I’ll pull it out when no one else is home and dance like a crazed baboon holding glow sticks. It is definitely a guilty pleasure.