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You’re not going to do anything better today

More fun from the Cheezeburger network. Party Fails–are you on here? I make it a point not to be one of these many idiots at the party. Check out the website and you’ll soon see why.

If you’re into basketball, you’re going to want to make sure your bracket stays up to date. Follow along here for all the latest news.
March Madness

The creator of the viral video with the tag Kony 2012, Jason Russel, was arrested last Thursday for public masturbation and a very public nude ranting. See why trying to save the children while naked isn’t such a good idea–video included.

King Peggy is a real-life story of a secretary who became royalty. She now works tirelessly for the betterment of her people in Ghana.
King Peggy

Tornadoes struck this past weekend in Dexter, Mich. Over 135 homes were damaged, but thankfully no one was killed.
Huffington Post