Turn Up the Good 2.0

Electronic concert is back and ready to charge up the audience

Turn Up the Good (TUG), an electrifying electronic concert, is back by popular demand. Called “Turn up the Great” by the Torch, see what music industry management seniors Tarah Rhoades, David Wilson, Lindsey Thom and music industry management sophomore Jessica Tindle have to say about TUG.

When and where is it, and how much are tickets?

Wilson: “March 24t 2012. Wink Arena. Doors open at 6, show starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for FSU students with a valid student ID, $10 for the general public and are available at the Rankin Student Center, the Wink Arena box office, and at Startickets.com.”

Who’s performing?

Rhoades: “MiMosa, Minnesota, SuperDre, and our contest winner Uncle Jesse.”

What was the atmosphere last year?

Rhoades: “Last year the turn out exceeded our expectations. The vibe in the arena that night was intense, overflowing emotions. You could feel the energy.”

How was the decision made to bring back TUG?

Wilson: “Last year was a great success, not only with attendance, but everyone seemed to have a great time. There was quite the hype after the show. It seemed obvious we had to do it again and raise the bar with TUG 2.0.”

Who will this event attract?

Rhoades: “The target for this concert is very wide. Some people who didn’t have electronic or dubstep in their repertoire of music came to the show just to check it out and became fans. Anyone who is in to feeling the music and having a good time should come. This music is more about the experience and the vibe you get from the artists and crowd.”

What if I don’t listen to electronic?

Wilson: “Even if you aren’t into dubstep or electronic music, there is something about a driving deep bass line that just hits you in the chest and leaves you begging for more. I was a rock/alternative music listener and have been captivated by this genre.”

What makes this concert different from others at FSU?

Rhoades: “We’ve had country, rock and hip-hop. Until last year, we never had this genre of music at FSU. We try to involve as many different organizations as we can so other groups get the chance to work on a large scale production.”

Do you expect a TUG 3.0?

Thom: “I have full faith the concert will continue. Last year it was the concert that shouldn’t have happened. This year we put everything into making it even more successful. Next year’s committee will do whatever they can to bring TUG back and keep making improvements.”

Describe TUG in one word:

Trindle: “Incredible. The TUG experience is unique and different for everyone, so only having one word to describe it doesn’t give the show justice.”