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Apple’s new iPad release angers those who just purchased an iPad 2

The new iPad HD is now available in stores. But with the announcement and release of a new product, the inevitable byproduct is an outdated model. Those consumers who bought the iPad 2 head to the social media sites to express their dismay and frustration against Apple for coming out with a new version of their new possession.

A collection of tweets have been collected from various Twitter users who vocalized their frustration with Apple for releasing an updated product for the same price as their old product. A higher resolution screen, 4G internet access, an updated camera and better battery life all make the iPad HD superior to its predecessor.

Feelings of sadness and pity are few and far between from the tech community. Apple’s release schedule follows very closely to a yearly schedule for the iPad product line. Also, rumors have been circulating online for the new release. Although they do remain rumors, the information age that we live in should include properly researching products that you are about to spend several hundred dollars on. n