Women’s history

Torch reflects on stories reported concerning women throughout its history

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Torch is highlighting moments in our 70-year history impacting the lives of women at Ferris State University.

Since first being acknowledged as Women’s History Week in 1978, Women’s History Month has become an opportunity to showcase the contributions women have made in our society. It’s believed that a glance in our past is also a look into our future.

Now over 30 years strong, Women’s History Month has helped society recognize that women’s history is also our history. Let’s take some time and acknowledge those who have helped make FSU a more diverse campus.

Oct. 20, 1967

Dress Regulations

Torch reporter Pat Irvin reports Ferris’ dress regulation for women to be sweaters, skirts, dresses and flats as the only appropriate attire in administrative buildings, classrooms and the library Monday – Friday.

Jan. 29, 1971

Liberation Meetings

Ferris English instructor Cecily Little and housewife Jackie Klein propose women’s liberation group meetings in the Blue Flame Room in the Michigan Consolidation Gas Co. on Maple Street. 

June 3, 1971

Sex Discrimination

Associate Editor for the Torch Connie Smith reports on the forming of the “Affirmative Action Program to Combat Sex Discrimination,” an organization dedicated to protecting faculty from discrimination on the basis of sex.

Nov. 19, 1971

Civil Rights

Connie Smith reports on the opening of a Big Rapids chapter of the National Organization for Women, a civil rights group aimed for securing equal rights and access to birth control for women.

Sept. 29, 1987

Economic Equity

Torch reporter Barbara Keller writes about a strike organized by the Ferris Faculty Association which focused on economic equity. Spokesperson for the strike comments, “An equity settlement would, for the most part, affect the women.”

Feb. 18, 2004

Vagina Monolgues

Torch reporter Travis Compton reports on the first production of the annual Vagina Monologues brought to Ferris by Event Student Chair Candice Fortman. 

March 20, 2012

Suffrage March

Members of Delta Sigma Theta sorority re-enacted their 1913 Women’s Suffrage March on the campus of FSU.