Today’s Tech

Two new technologies will allow sub-dermal implants to advance your life

In our ever expanding technology advances, humans and technology are becoming even more intertwined. This can be seen in two new types of body modifications. One is a magnet implanted under a finger to pick up small magnetic objects while the other is a vibrating tattoo connected to your cell phone.

The first medical innovation is a small magnet that is implanted in a finger of your choice. This device would grant you a “sixth sense” by being able to detect previously unknown sensations from your world as well as the occasionally-useful ability to grab small magnetic objects. By magnetizing one of the fingers on your non-dominant hand, it will provide usefulness to digits not normally used.

The other new technology is by Nokia with a new patent for a magnetic tattoo that vibrates to alert you from your phone. By using ferromagnetic or paramagnetic compounds, different magnetic fields are created, making new sensations to differentiation between types of alert or caller ID.

Now, both of these technologies have their downsides such as not being able to be scanned by an MRI machine or other such devices. But they signal a shift in technology and life becoming even more fused together.